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Perpetu and social media after our death


What happens to your digital life after death? How can we send our passwords to other people if a fatal accident occurs? How can we make our digital will? … These types of questions have been answered over the past few years with options that range from appearing to help us rest in peace, with the peace of mind that there will be no active profiles, accounts or emails after the death of their owners.

Now we discover a new option, Perpetu (, disclosed a few minutes ago on Techcrunch, and which allows us to register our Facebook and Twitter for free.

The idea is that we can write our last tweet, specify the album photos on Facebook that we want to keep, or write a farewell email. We will give the Perpetu code to someone you trust and, if they receive notification of our death (something that only the owner of that code can do), they will perform the specified activities (before taking any action, they will always try to contact you first, to avoid errors).

They are compatible with Facebook, Gmail and other popular online services, always thinking of fulfilling the last wishes of the deceased.

The business model is interesting: free to manage some services and payment (monthly or annual payment) to be able to configure all the platforms available in the system.

A good idea that, at the moment, is only available in English, although the message we configure can be written in any language.