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Penflip, simple collaborative online text editor


The applications and services in the cloud that we have at our disposal are changing the way in which we carry out a series of tasks on a daily basis. When we introduced you to the collaborative online text editor Quad, we also indicated that more and more users are opting for this type of tool to create their texts instead of continuing to use the classic desktop applications, and now we bring you another editor for Collaborative online texts that for Blogpocket is the perfect collaborative online text editor, Penflip (

To use Penflip, it is enough that we register in a few seconds in its service so that we can then choose to either create our projects or discover public projects where we can get involved collaborating in them. If we decide to create our projects, we can choose to have these be documents or books. In any of the cases we can indicate if our projects are public or private, and in the case of books, we can choose one of the three available styles: Technical, Business, Fiction.

Penflip has the following characteristics: It allows us to keep track of all the changes we make to our documents through version control. In addition, its editor allows us to write directly without distraction, the results can be exported to a series of formats (PDF, DOC, ePub and HTML), and we can make use of Penflip from any device, not only from our desktop browser, but also from our smart phones and tablets.

Within our projects we have a chat area as well as a request area. In them we can also count on other members, who may have the role of contributors or administrators. Now we only have to start using Penflip, where if we know how to use Markdown we can get more out of it, although in any case we have a series of tools to format our texts.

Penflip is quite simple, elegant and completely free.