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Peer Index – list of opinion leaders for journalism and technology women

Peer Index - list of opinion leaders for journalism and technology women

A couple of years ago during Lift 2011, we had the opportunity to sit down to chat with Azeem Azhar from PeerIndex who is a tool that lets you know your influence on social networks. We touch on the subject of Latin America and especially the link with Spain, which continues to be strong when consuming digital content.

Since many times the line is very faint in relation to those who decide listen on Twitter and Facebook. In my case, twitter is the tool that I use often to keep up to date with what is happening everywhere and with a strong inclination towards mobile and web technology. Lately, with the tremors that have happened it has been key.

Influencers from Spain and America in Latin America.

It is curious to see these results and how much noise is generated on social networks, here is the link to the report of influential Journalists ( and Spanish-speaking Women ( in PeerIndex (Eye have to register through Facebook or Twitter to see it).

On the other hand, it is curious to see how very niche social networks continue to grow that are beginning to have surprising reach; but above all the viral growth of connecting to networks like Twitter and Facebook. In the specific case of Pinterest and Path that go along similar paths, either one will have to stagnate or it is possible that the two will start towards worldwide acceptance.

We are in an interesting moment where the possibilities of connecting with audiences that have never been available are expanding. Dividing the network into sub-sectors of consumers of digital content, but especially of storage of interests. How far we will go…. For now is unknown to the founders of these companies.

We will continue to see new and innovative interactions between the network and the offline world; each time global news stories are triggered from the web. The spread of knowledge and especially of data in real time has been exponential in its growth and especially its influence; In countries where oppression was our daily bread, we see how entire revolutions have happened -founder Azeem Azhar of PeerIndex

His idea is to expand the service focusing on the entire Spanish-speaking population; PeerIndex It has stiff competition like others Startups competing against Klout; Time will tell if they focus on a niche or go head to head with those of the + K.

For now let’s look at their reports and it will be seen if the social content consumer industry pays attention to this web measurement utility.

However, in order to compensate their users, they have launched a small rewards space called PeerPerks – somewhat similar to the Klout perks. We are seeing how both services evolve.