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PDFstash, managing your digital file library


Given the volume of files that many of us manage on a daily basis, either viewing them on the web or downloading and saving them on our PC or device, there is a moment when it becomes necessary to organize them in some way for easier future management.

PDFstash organizes our PDF documents in folders, controls our readings by saving the document on the last page we have read to open it automatically and allows us to tag each of our documents so that it is not a problem to find them. Once our PDFstash account has been created, we can manage the library at any time in Library and change the settings from Settings. The documents that we include in the service can not only be uploaded from our own PC, but also from our e-mail, various websites and our Twitter feed.

In addition to serving as a virtual document sorter and organizer, part of the fun of PDFstash is that it syncs files across all devices on which we access our PDFstash account.

If we consider the option of using PDFstash as a digital document organizer, we have four payment plans: the free one, which will allow us to manage up to 20 documents, the mini (5.99), with the possibility of uploading up to 500 documents, the standard ( 10.99) with 1000 documents as limit and the Pro (18.99), with the upload limit being 2000 files (the latter includes SSL protection, a free 30-day period and technical support by email).