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PDFBurger, arsenal of tools to create and convert PDF files online

pdfburger documentos pdf

PDFBurger is an online application designed to work with PDF files, from creating them from other files to joining and converting them to other formats. The idea is to take advantage of and promote the advantages of this popular format with few compatibility problems compared to office suites and third-party services with their own extensions, not to mention how comfortable it is to manage and view files of this style even from top-of-the-range mobile devices. low.

The first tab of PDFBurger, the one that says Convert files to PDF, allows to convert to PDF and separately, any number of files with extensions .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .gif, .jpg and other formats; the tab Combine files to PDF works with the same formats but no longer individually but combining the marked files in a single resulting PDF.

Web to PDF, the third function, manages to convert to PDF any web page whose URL is duly entered in the search box; Finally PDF to Word and PDF to ImagesThe rest generate Word files and JPG images from PDF documents uploaded to the service.

The service is free and is also characterized by its conversion speed, its work history that allows you to have the corresponding download buttons for previous conversions, the possibility of dragging and dropping files to load them faster and its simple help present at all times under the file upload field.

Link: PDFBurger