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Paytouch receives new investment to implement the fingerprint payment system


Paytouch ( is a solution that allows us to make payments using our fingerprint. The first version of the project was launched in 2012, and now they are already preparing a second version thanks to a new injection of capital that will allow increasing the R&D team and its resources.

The company is now starting a financing round of 1 million euros and has already raised the first 300,000. Now is the time to close strategic alliances and make efforts to establish yourself in countries with economic growth (currently you are already working in the territories where the first funds of the financing round come from).Its first version was made possible thanks to a seed capital of 50,000 in addition to 650,000 from loans from public entities that support innovation and technological development. The product was first launched at Ushuaa Ibiza Beach Hotel, and has already sparked interest in various parts of the world.

The objective is to change the way of paying, associating our fingerprints with the data of the credit cards and putting your fingers on the machines of the establishments where Paytouch is present, as shown in the video that you can see here:

It is undoubtedly a very interesting way to charge, without depending on cards, allowing tourists to report their data anywhere, even in the middle of a pool, where we do not usually have credit cards nearby.