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Paypal buys StackMob, to improve the mobile experience


stackmob ( is a startup that offers application developers the possibility to include functionalities easily and quickly. It allows, for example, to include the login via social networks, or show notifications, without the need to program more than necessary.

Now Paypal has bought the company, and its entire team will join the company’s team in order to quickly and reliably improve the mobile experience of its users.

They comment in Venturebeat that StackMob received an investment of 7.5 million dollars in 2011, so it is not a small project and it is a fairly solid company in terms of application development. Since Paypal, they have been investing for a long time to improve the technology of their system, adapt it to new trends and devices, and acquire the talent of a startup of these characteristics can greatly help in this objective.

The values ​​of the operation have not been disclosed, although if a few months ago he bought Braintree for 800 million it is clear that it should not have been much less.

On the Stackmob blog they announce the purchase and promise to keep us informed about the future of the platform.