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PayPal adds support for prepaid gift cards


With this week’s Black Friday and upcoming Christmas shopping around the corner, Paypal today announced the inclusion of support for prepaid gift cards, making it easier for consumers to pay online at those merchants that support Payments goes Paypal.

According to their own ad, consumers had trouble making purchases with prepaid gift cards, such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover, so that they needed to call card issuers or having to go to a special website to register a billing address before being able to use these cards, with the end result, according to Paypal, one in four consumers have finally been able to use their gift cards prepaid.

With its new solution, adopted after months and months of research, it means avoiding all these annoyances to consumers, thus improving usability, allowing them to pay anywhere Paypal supports as a payment system and with any card they choose.

Obviously, prepaid gift cards are another source of money for Paypal, which joins the support for debit cards, credit cards and bank accounts, which in any case offers consumers greater freedom to choose the sources from Obtain the funds to make your purchases in those businesses that have accepted payments through Paypal, which also adds to the security and experience that it has accumulated during all these years, which will mean reliable and safe purchases, where both Paypal and consumers and businesses win.