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Payleven, card reader with mobile, with Bluetooth and chip reader


Those of us who use a credit card reader in our mobile phone, thus avoiding paying monthly payments to companies that charge regardless of whether or not we receive money (personally I use, know the advantages of being able to charge anyone at any time and instead, avoiding the phrases of I do not have loose or now you catch me with nothing.

These readers are generally connected through the audio input of the mobile, allowing the card to be passed in the traditional way and sending the receipt of the transaction by email. What it offers Payleven ( is a reader that connects via Bluetooth, without the need to be physically connected to the mobile, and has a chip reader, not only a magnetic stripe, requesting the security code just like traditional machines do.

The payleven Chip & PIN reader is compatible with Android and iOS systems and works through 3G, Wi-Fi or GPRS, so you do not need a fixed Internet connection.

The solution offered has no fixed monthly or installation costs, does not include a permanency contract or minimum billing, charging 2.75% for each transaction and a price of 79 euros for the reader.

If we compare it with the izettle reader (also with Bluetooth and CHIP & PIN), we see that the price of the reader is somewhat cheaper (that of izettle costs 99 euros), although the commission continues to be 2.75%.