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PastBook – relive your 2013, tool to remember the best moments of the year


Recordis It was born in 2012 as a tool to create a digital album with our photographs published on various websites, starting with only being compatible with Instagram and later spreading to Facebook. Recently, PastBook released a new version in which the creation of original albums was announced collaboratively, to create memories with our contacts.

Now a new tool is added to the various applications that we can give PastBook, in this case a service to remember the best moments of 2013. Relive your 2013 allows us to remember the best moments shared on Instagram or Facebook, including photos, comments and I like it that our contacts have marked. In a click, users can view their photographs in a photo album that will be available online for free and to print for a medical price in case we want to have the book in hand (specifically, for 13 dollars or 9.09, with the possibility of sending it worldwide).

Since the 2012 version was quite successful, this time the application has several improvements: the book will auto-generate itself, the user can customize the book to choose the order and appearance of the content, the content can be previewed, use a photo Personalize as a cover, customize each capture separately and choose different images to decorate from a gallery of custom backgrounds.