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Participate and win in any national lottery from your mobile with TuLotero

Participate and win in any national lottery from your mobile with TuLotero

Participate and win in any national lottery from your mobile with TuLotero

TuLotero is the app to acquire and manage tickets for all types of lotteries that we can imagine, but does it really work?

A few months ago we talked about TuLotero, on the occasion of the Christmas Giveaway that made so many people happy by handing out millions of euros. However, this app is not limited to the Christmas Giveaway, far from it.

TuLotero is an app that we can use throughout the year, and if we like to participate in lotteries on a weekly or occasional basis, it can be of great help to us so we don’t miss out on our prizes.

How can you win lottery prizes with YourLotero

As an example of habitual use of the TuLotero application, last Friday the app distributed the third EuroMillions prize, with a value of almost 86,000. And all without having to move from the site, participating and receiving the prize notification on the mobile, so this is a very good opportunity to remember how Tu Lotero works and what possibilities it offers us.

We are facing an app for iOS and Android designed to manage participation tickets and check the results State Lottery and Gambling, so in our hands we will have access to a whole variety of lotteries, such as the aforementioned EuroMillions and Christmas Lotteries, but also Primitiva, Bonoloto, Lotera Nacional, Quiniela and Gordo de la Primitiva.

At a glance we can see all those lotteries on the first screen we see, the Games screen. With a touch we can enter to participate in each one, choosing the numbers manually or letting the app choose them randomly.

We can also configure aspects such as the joker, the amount of money we want, and if we want to subscribe to these numbers from now on. Once the ticket has been purchased, we can see it in the Tickets tab, and the app will notify us automatically with a notification as soon as the results are known.

So we will not have to remember to look at the newspaper the next day, although we can continue consulting the results manually with the history of the app. Thus, with TuLotero you have everything you need to win in the national lotteries in a single app.

How to get 1 balance on TuLotero

To celebrate that the appreparti the third prize of Euromillions, TuLotero has offered us a special gift for our readers, a code with which we can get 1 balance to spend in any of the available lotteries.

To get it, we just have to enter the code FTW1 (without the quotes) on the user registration screen. This code only works for new users of TuLotero, and as soon as we finish creating our account we will see that our balance starts at 1.

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