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Otter, for teachers to distribute and collect student homework


The tools for teachers of yesteryear have little to do with the services we have today: tools for collaborative tasks, attendance controls, student productivity meters, homework, courses and interactive videos … all for all tastes and available in all formats.

In this context, Otter is a new service that allows us to create simple websites (without having any programming knowledge) in which to distribute the information among the different students and collect the work they do through the same tool.

Additionally we can use four extra functions to add to the main interface of Otter: create and distribute events inserted in a calendar, accept digital information created by students, send communications related to academic matters to subscribed students and parents and upload documents (homework, exercises , you review) using the same service as host, which we can upload from the PC or from Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

The website does not offer us the possibility to change the interface, add elements or customize the color scheme of the page, since we insist that its objective is to be able to create simple and predetermined websites with the possibility of adding the elements mentioned above and with the goal of enriching (and digitizing) the student experience.

Otter, developed by Scurry Labs and completely free to use, is available for educators to register with it at this link.