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Otoy works on a new service to run any program from any device


The technologies to unify services between devices and synchronize content on tablets, smartphones and PCs advance faster and faster, and it gives us more and more the feeling that we can load any program, game or service, whatever device we have in our hands.

One of the companies responsible for this change is Otoy, a US company that has discovered how to run any program regardless of the device being used. This will mean, perhaps in the not too distant future, that video games will no longer be restricted to their corresponding console, nor will applications be exclusive to devices with the AppStore in question, so that any user could enjoy any application without having to have than owning an iPhone, XBOX or Windows OS.

It is hard to imagine how they could carry out all this, and the answer they give us is through Internet browsers, common to all devices. Specifically, using the JavaScript plug-in they use, which will allow us to use any software on any device, according to Otoy.

For now, although we know the intentions of the company, we do not get more details about this software unification they have in mind, but it does seem to be something to consider for the future of technology.