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Options to record Skype calls


If you use Skype regularly and want to record some of the conversations you have, you will need some additional program to do that job.

Recording Skype calls is especially useful when using the system to contact a customer service, for example, remembering that in some countries it is necessary to previously inform the other person that the conversation is being recorded.

I leave you with some of the best known options:

Skype Call Recorder (Linux)

One of the few solutions that we Linux users have to record calls made with our little updated Skype version. From their website they report that they are working on a version for Windows.

Mp3 Skype Recorder

Free solution for Windows. Recording is done in mp3 format and starts the moment the conversation starts, although it can also be started manually.


Also for Windows, it offers a free version that records up to 15 minutes. It is one of the most popular applications, included in the Skype app store.

Skype Auto Recorder

Open source option, also available for Windows, which has no limit on call duration. The last version is from the month of March 2013, so it seems that we are talking about a constantly alive project.

And you, What do you use to record Skype?