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Options to create an online store in Spanish

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This week I have had to create a virtual store for a small business that wants to expand its sales online.

The system requirements I was looking for were:

– In Spanish. It is essential that the entire system be perfectly translated. – Visually attractive. – No more than 50 a month.

As you can see, the requirements were very reasonable. Simply a virtual store that allows people to buy products in Spain in perfect Spanish and that is attractive.

With this idea in mind I have dedicated myself to go through all the virtual store platforms that I knew or have recommended to me. I leave you below my opinion on each of them and the reasons why I liked it or not, grouped by reasons:

– There are several platforms visually excellent but exclusively in english. If you plan a store only for the Anglo-Saxon market, any of them would be a good option. All of them allow to create a store in tests at least a couple of weeks. If I had to choose one I would choose the one with the theme that best suits what I am looking for. The ones I liked the most in this group are:

1. Shopify is one of the best known hosted platforms. It has very affordable prices, the system is very well assembled and has excellent templates. But it is not in Spanish. 2. BigCartel has very special templates, and depending on the type of store it is an excellent option. Highwire is possibly the one with the most templates. Very good 4. StoreEnvy is free, but then charges you for the extras. Also good.

– Platforms in Spanish that allow creating a store within a platform. This group of sites allows you to create stores within other stores, and restrict the products to be sold. It is a good option for people who want to start something easily, who have few products, and who want to do it quickly. Some of them are:

1. Blomming allows us to create a sub-store within your site and a store on Facebook. Not a bad choice, though visually disappointed. 2. Etsy allows us to create our own sub-store as well, within a site with many loyal customers. It has the advantage that it allows us to promote the products within Etsy itself, but these products can only be artisans, handmade products, etc. Prices are very reasonable, with payments of a few cents per month per product. 3. ePages: an excellent option that offers shops for free for a limited time.

– Platforms in Castilian but visually limited. The visual theme is very personal, it’s true. In my case, these platforms have fallen a bit short because their store templates left products a little poor. I was looking for the product page to allow several huge photos to be able to appreciate it in detail, and I have not been able to get it with them:

1. Jumpseller American platform but with a Spanish version. The prices are affordable (although the price in the US is $ 12 and in Spain $ 24) and they have interesting templates. A little limited because it does not have user management although it does have inventory. Ideal for a store with few products. 2. The store list visually fails for my taste, both in the administration area and in the store templates. Although it seems an interesting option if you find a suitable template. Update: This option has ceased to exist. 3. Oxatis (formerly xopie) is possibly the most complete platform in Spanish that I have found, with user management, inventory, help in creating pages with legal information, etc. A very complete platform, but one that visually fell short. Even though it has more than 40 store layouts, all of them sin that the product page has small and limited photos (yes, I have touched templates to enlarge to XL, but still the photo is 600px wide only).

So after creating accounts on all these platforms and testing them one by one, and since I was still not satisfied with any of them, I decided to choose to create the store from scratch. To do this, I have followed the following steps:

– I have purchased hosting and installed WordPress. – I have added the Woocommerce module, excellent store manager for WP. – I have bought a theme for WP compatible with woocommerce for the store in Themeforest. – I have spent a week of my time configuring and modify everything to your liking.

In summary: if your store is in English, you have excellent hosted virtual store options; If your store is in Spanish, you have a couple of decent hosted options, but possibly doing it all from scratch will give you more freedom and better design.

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