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Optimization for news search engines: Possible, but of indefinite utility

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Every day millions of techniques and tricks to get the long-awaited traffic, web positioning and clear are published on the network; the conversion, the holy spirit of this virtual trinity, speaking in sacred terms, taking advantage of the fact that we begin this Holy Week and in currents or trends

Before it was SEO, link juice, link building and keyword density, for example and following this trinity scheme, then it was web 2.0, the corporate blog and suddenly everything became social; Now if you are not on social networks, you simply do not exist and no matter how much SEO work you have, more in these turbulent times that the eternal Cinderella of the story, the contents, has become the enchanted princess and without content of quality, because there is no paradise

But let’s go to what we are dealing with today, the news search engines, possibly a world unknown to a large percentage of users and in my opinion it will continue to be – except for cases in which we will speak later

Suddenly and lately, I see that people are starting to talk about news search engines on the Internet as a new channel to impact, both as a brand and for the content positioned there.

A news search engine on the Internet is nothing more than an engine that instead of searching for generic content based on an established criterion, focuses on the search for results with an informative nature published on the network and in sites recognized by these platforms, the most known to them as no- it’s Google News

In the Anglo world, sane studies are beginning to be known about the trends and volume of traffic moved by news search engines and carried out by reputable brands such as comScore.

Using positioning in a news search engine as a marketing or impact tool in a target group is possible, but judging by the results of some studies, what is not clear to me is the cost-benefit ratio of this proposal, except that Your brand is an information portal, a digital information medium, or the virtual arm of a traditional medium, whether print, radio or television

Let’s talk about the great advantage of positioning in a news search engine: segmentation, effectively, if I Google information about some fact of an informative nature, find all kinds of content associated with the fact, brand or person; that is, if I am looking for information about the London 2012 Olympics, I will have to discriminate what I am looking for between flight offers to London, tickets, souvenirs and city tours, while if I use the news, the possible universe is restricted, in such a way it’s easier to find what I’m looking for

If we transfer it to the day to day of any brand, it is possible to find content arguments and mechanics that can be considered as news, but considering it within the brand actions to obtain positioning and results is unlikely. As always, depending on the brand and the creativity and originality of the campaign we are considering, the profile and target, among other factors. Without a doubt, a greater presence will always result in greater traffic and influence.

Now, if we go to the 25 most demanded search criteria in news engines, at least in the United States and without a doubt that in the rest of the world it is similar, all of them refer to celebrities, shows and farndula. quality and investigative journalism; As always, Beln Esteban and company have the ability to gain impact and massiveness.

Another interesting fact is that although news search engine users, leaving aside the top 25, are more informed and educated, they always seek not only the information, but in half of the cases – also the sources, that is earthquake Mexico CNN, CBS, etc. which reduces the possibility of positioning except in specific and circumstantial cases or, that you can afford or have the contacts to promote your brand on CNN.

In addition, news search engines do not rank by brands, but by the popularity of the information

To finish, I do not want to say that positioning in news search engines is a waste of time or resources, but I do not think it is a useful resource for most brands that are committed to the virtual world as a platform for their marketing, branding and building influence on the new model. Possibly a community on Facebook is more profitable.

I leave you an article in English published in comScore Voices in which the topic of optimization for news search engines is addressed.