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Opera loads pages instantly learning from you

Opera loads pages instantly learning from you

Opera loads pages instantly learning from you

Opera 43 is the latest version of the web browser and is the fastest to date, loading the pages even before entering.

On the Internet the key is speedWe want to browse without waiting, download files at maximum speed and visit all our favorite sites practically instantly. Luckily, Internet connections have improved so much that the experience is very good, whether at home or anywhere with our mobile rates, but there is always room for improvement.

The Opera 43 browser minimizes the loading times of the websites you visit and does so by learning from your habits. Yes, it is capable of predict your movements.

The new Opera predicts the websites you want to visit

In recent years giants like Google or Facebook have taken the initiative to create new content formats on the Internet, such as AMP pages or Instant Articles, technologies that allow uploading items instantly even on slow connections.

In the case of Opera, version 43 that is already available -, the company is committed to reduce loading times of the normal and complete websites, those that we visit daily from the computer. How do they do it? Opera 43 is able to predict user actions, recognize which pages you want to enter and load them in the background to have them ready even before you finish typing the address.

Thus, when a user begins to type omic to enter Ohmicrono, Opera will know it and they will already be loading the web so that at the moment of pressing Enter, it appears fully loaded.

Instant loading of web pages

As seen in the GIF above, in many cases the difference is noticeable. It may seem like just a few seconds of saving, but dozens of times a day ends up being a considerable time.

This technology of instantaneous load of pages Web learn and improve over timeThat is, it learns from the user and the prediction is perfected with the use of the browser. In addition, it also works on searches made directly in the browser bar, which loads the results before clicking on them.

For the rest, Opera 43 also brings as a great novelty the Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) technique that optimize the browser And it does it faster depending on the situation, managing resources with Windows in a dynamic way, as well as an improved technique to select and copy links in text:

Opera 43 is available for free download on Windows, Mac and Linux: