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Several of the developers of the famous OpenOffice document manager have decided to withdraw from the Oracle company, as they have not liked the last moves that it has made in recent months.

With this, they have created an alternative with the same code as OpenOffice, because we remember that it is a free code application, so any modification is legal. Therefore, the developers have created a new foundation and with it the new OpenOffice redesign.

Now, OpenOffice is renamed LibreOffice, with the support of companies like Google, Red Hat, Canonical and other powerful companies in the sector, the new foundation is called The Document foundation and basically dedicate their efforts to managing the project and making it as free as possible.

In fact these last weeks the project has been growing exponentially, that is why the foundation has already sent its download through a beta called Free Office Beta 3.3.0.

We can say that its new design is quite modern and simple. If we remember, OpenOffice includes several management programs, such as Writer, Impress, Draw, Base, Calc, Math, etc., the foundation has decided to leave them, changing some of the bars and buttons and making the customization of the same.

We are going to see how the old OpenOffice developers fare in its new improved version, surely we will see news about the possible transfer by Oracle of the name openoffice.orgHowever, they assure the foundation that this will not be the case, and the name of LibreOffice can be considered definitive.

Link | Official page of the project

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