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OpenGeoFiction, create invented maps with the OpenStreetMap editor


OpenGeoFiction could be defined as a virtual stage to create new worlds. Accustomed to reading about different tools, various Google Maps and APIs that offer us infinite possibilities when applying different options and filters in the regions of our planet, it is surprising to enter OpenGeoFiction to see a world created and mapped by different users freely. , as indicated by the name.

The service uses OpenStreetMap editors and tools to give us the chance to create a fictional world at our leisure. We will be able to give names to seas, rivers, gulfs, cities, states and regions, design its borders and size and make everyone contribute to it so that it ends up being a collaborative map created by a multitude of users. The editing options will be multiple: on the map we will find regions that can only be edited and retouched by its creators, free zones in which we can design from scratch and a country called Archantica that is open for anyone to edit and modify it.

Think that the applications of this tool can be many and very diverse: we are given the possibility to map fantasy worlds created by ourselves, to map locations of stories, to create maps for games and own projects or to use new environments in case that we are fond of creating scenarios for role-playing games.