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Open eShop, open source solution to sell digital content


Since They present the first version of their software for the sale of digital products:, a GPL-licensed system that allows authors of books, mp3s, software, or any other digital service, to sell their work without intermediaries in the Web. The idea is that we can connect our account paypal or paymill (to receive card charges) and we can thus receive the money directly in our account.

The system allows us to support the products we have sold, generate licenses, offer a design compatible with mobile devices, create discount coupons, login with social network profiles, integrate into a blog, manage newsletters, consult statistics, translate and many other functionalities that they present on their website.

We can open a demo on your page, download it to install it on our servers or choose a solution already hosted (this option is not free). In case we decide to download it, it is important to note that it is a PHP solution with MySQL, a solution that, from what they indicate, does not seem to have any kind of mystery in its installation.

Having your own application to be able to sell our digital content is an excellent option (not depending on third parties is important for small businesses), so we will continue to monitor the evolution of this system that can help monetize both blogs and small online stores.