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Online photography simulator, created by Canon

simulador de fotos

And if yesterday we talked about cameraSim, an online simulator quite interesting to learn the meaning of some concepts related to the world of photography and the effect of the variables associated with the photography made, today we will discuss another similar option, this time created by Canon at

In addition to a section in which we can learn the existing theory behind a good photo, there is a Play section in which we can access the simulator shown in the screenshot.

There we can adjust the variables and take the photos, which are shown at the bottom with a brief explanation of the result. We see how by adjusting the speed, ISO and aperture we obtain different results that we can compare later, although always on the same predefined images in the simulator.

Finally we have a link that takes us directly to the final exam. Show a photograph and start counting the time so that we can take it in the shortest possible time, again using the simulator discussed above.

A good place to practice before going outside to do real exercises, where what moves is much more complex than a simple airplane propeller.