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Online law courses in Educatina


Quite often we publish courses that institutions (university or not) around the world make available on the Internet for free. In some cases the format is MOOC, with one or more teachers who attend students, with assignments and exams, with a diploma … other times they are knowledge pills distributed in video format, without the need for schedules or dates, without formal recognition.

In that second category Educatina He has done a lot of work to stand out in the past few months. They have already published dozens of videos of the most diverse categories, video courses that help to understand topics of mathematics, art, literature, physics and, from now on, Right.

It is not easy to impart an online law course. Mathematics is the same throughout the world, but the laws change according to the region, so the knowledge imparted may not be valid on all occasions. The videos, which we now have available at, try to be as general as possible, although in certain cases they specify the country in which the theme can be applied 100%.

At the moment there are 31 videos, content that you can also consult on their YouTube channel.