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Online courses in Spanish, which can be done at any time

cursos espaol

Lists of courses with start and end dates we already release several each month. The 72 online courses that several universities around the world have published in both English and Spanish for this month of November are very attractive, but the fact that they have a specific start date can prevent the participation of those who do not have an agenda so flexible.

That is why we have made a list of sites that offer online courses in Spanish in which video is essential, a list that we leave you here:

– More than 1,000 online videos of the most diverse categories made by experts in each subject. There is the possibility of enjoying them both from the web and from mobile devices.

– We can create and enjoy courses, many of them free, carried out by professionals from the most diverse categories.

– Right now there is a free introductory WordPress one that includes both theoretical and practical content, showing videos to help you understand the different concepts shown.

– Recently they launched a new tool called Notebook, where the user can enjoy educational videos while using a Notes, Questions and Answers service associated with each chapter, and additional documentation for the course.

– Educatina: And we end the list with Educatina, a portal of free educational videos that add new content quite frequently, dealing with topics from various categories, classifying the material at the bottom of the portal.

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