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Online calculator tells us how much money Twitter earns with our account


We already know the value of Twitter, detailed documents on how it makes money have been published and we can see the evolution of the company in the stock market, so now it is easy to make numbers and find out how much Twitter earns with our presence in said social network.

As with Facebook, Google and the rest of the companies that offer free services to users, we are their currency, we are what is sold, since we generate the content and pay the attention they need to be able to offer advertising to brands.

With this in mind, and with a bit of humor (you can’t take these types of calculators seriously), on they have published a calculator to get data related to How much money has Twitter made thanks to our account.

Here you can see the example with @wwwhatsnew. It takes into account the time we have been writing, the number of followers, the percentage of attention and the estimated amount of readings of our content to reach the conclusion that Twitter has generated almost 25,000 dollars with our existence.

In the article they explain in detail the numbers they have taken into account to reach such a conclusion. Although it is still something fun, it is interesting to see how the business model of the social web works, where we all contribute so that the project grows at the same time that we gain something with the matter.

By the way, it is true that Twitter has made money with the existence of @wwwhatsnew, but we cannot forget that WWWhatsnew has also made quite a lot with the existence of Twitter, and surely that applies to thousands of accounts in said content network.