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OnAir, listening to our songs from any device


Today, we have different options to take our music wherever we are, thanks above all to improvements in Internet connections and in the availability of mobile devices with mobile Internet access. This enables us, if we want, to have our music collections on any of the devices we use, something that allows us services like OnAir, which we are going to talk about.

It is a service that aims to synchronize the songs from our own personal collections so that we can manage and access them from any other device we use. For example, we can add musical themes that we have on our desktop computer so that we can access them from our mobile device. OnAir has native applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, although OnAir can be accessed from the other devices through its web version.

The inclusion of musical themes can be done from the desktop application manually and also from our Android devices, whose themes will be added automatically. With musical themes we can create different playlists.

Knowing all this, we only have to install the applications on the devices where we are going to use this service, and can from any of them indicate, after a blue button in the lower right, indicate to which devices we are going to transmit our musical themes, where In addition, we can vary the listening volume. An interesting fact is that we can also transmit our musical themes to OUYA and Google TV devices if we have some of them.

As for the player itself, it has only the basic functions, lacking advanced functions.

In general, OnAir allows us to dispose of the musical themes of our own collections through the Internet from any device, no matter where we have them hosted.

Link: OnAir | Goes: AddictiveTips