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Official GameTrailers app, now available on Android


If we are fans of video games and we usually visit different web pages to inform ourselves about the news of the industry, surely one of those visited websites is GameTrailers (GT). Its large community of users and its large number of reviews and previews published make GT one of the sites of choice to be in the parrot of everything that is happening in the world of video games. In this context, a year ago GameTrailers launched its official application for iOS, now arriving the official version on Android.

The Android application will basically have the same characteristics as the version for the iOS operating system: we will have a section of the latest game videos, exclusive videos and shows related to the sector, own GameTrailers shows and designers, journalists and experts in the industry debating the news and news from day to day, all from the comfort of an app installed on your Android phone or tablet.

It will be very easy to navigate through the app to access all the content, and we can move from one section to another simply by sliding the screen to the right or left. All videos published in the app can be filtered by date, in alphabetical order, by rating and rating and by platforms (XBOX 360, One, Playstation 3, etc.). From the same application we can publish the videos that we like on social networks.

You can download the application for free from the GooglePlayStore by following this link, available for Android phones and tablets.