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Oculus Acquires Eye Tracking Technology Development Company

mayo 23, 2020
Imagen: Sitio web oficial de The Eye Tribe

Image: The Eye Tribe official website

The Eye Tribe is an emerging company founded in 2011 by four students from Copenhagen IT University with the goal of creating eye-tracking technology to benefit the general public.

Now Oculus VR, a company specialized in Virtual Reality solutions acquired by Facebook in 2014, has acquired it although the terms of the agreement have not been made public nor is anything known about Oculus plans for The Eye Tribe although it is not known. You can sense that the emerging company technology will serve to enhance the Oculus Virtual Reality experience in a number of fields.In this way, the rumors that arose earlier in the week about the possible acquisition of The Eye Tribe through Robert Scoble are ended. The Eye Tribe encompasses a series of technological solutions for eye tracking, among which are its development kit for use with computers, applications for mobile devices, VR headsets, among many others.

It will be a matter of time to know more details about the acquisition and, above all, see the implication of the acquisition in the next developments that Oculus will implement thanks to the technology of The Eye Tribe. At the moment, the emerging company has not reflected its acquisition by Oculus on its official blog, although Oculus has confirmed the acquisition to different digital media.