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Ociohogar, online store specialized in design furniture and decoration

Once upon a time … an idea. Ociohogar, an online store specializing in the sale of designer furniture and decorative items, has been in existence for more than two years, exclusively through the online channel.


The world of luxury is an exclusive sector, where you can find original, striking and modern items and products. The furniture sector is dominated by major brands that manufacture standardized, medium-quality furniture with a slogan: Do it yourself. This is the philosophy that Ociohogar breaks. Luxury is more than an original design, it is quality of materials, comfort when assembling and, above all, a level of customization.

When setting up a business, planning and studying the market is essential, which is why its founders spent more than a year collecting data from the sector, doing simulations and designing strategies. Finally, in November 2011, the online store saw the light.

And like most current entrepreneurs, they based their business on e-commerce. Exploiting new technologies should be one of the cornerstones that can determine the success of a new business.

But as in all businesses, we find the supplier factor. The beginnings are never easy and less when you start in a fairly closed sector and marked by exclusivity. For this reason, after many calls, contacts and meetings, some of the main brands agreed to sell their products in Ociohogar. Just two years later, manufacturers are queuing up to be able to sell their products on this platform.

One of the factors that its creators considered most determining was the sales platform, that is, the store’s website ( and everything behind it that the customer does not see. One of the basic requirements was to build a clear, visual, attractive and user-friendly store. That is why each of the sections is divided into rooms in the house, although you can also find them by product category.

However, to have success it is not enough to have an interesting platform, easy to use and clear procedures. To be successful, Ociohogar had to create ties with top quality transporters and assemblers capable of taking their purchases to the client and setting them up if necessary. So you can forget about the instruction books and the screw that is always left over. You are now in the hands of specialists.


Since its launch, Ociohogar has experienced sales increasing month after month. This is quite an achievement, especially in a time of economic crisis like the current one. This makes us think, where is the secret?

And the answer is clear, the customer. The business revolves around the customer. Your needs, your satisfaction and your comfort. Ociohogar wants to break the bonds, so he offers you a purchase to your liking, customizing the products.

This is one of the main advantages of this online store: the level of customization is immense. They give the customer an important part in controlling the design of the product. Much better than what you can find in a physical store.

The personalization part is key because, in designer furniture where originality prevails, you make sure that it is practically impossible to find two identical pieces of furniture. For example, the Hublot lamp from Cattelan Italia is a good example. Modern, original and with several customization options. In addition, this is the best way to ensure the perfect adaptation to your needs.


With a long list of suppliers eager to work with them, the future of Ociohogar is most promising. It is a clear example that with ideas, enthusiasm and desire dreams can be achieved. And that the path, even if it is slow, advances and little by little it grows and one consolidates in the market. For this, the union with the new technologies is key, so it exploits its maximum potential.