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oblumi, a project to measure body temperature from your mobile


The idea and project presented is a thermometer for any phone that measures body temperature to store the shots and to warn of the correct amount of antithetic doses based on the child’s weight and height.

This is how presents us, a project of a startup created by 4 people for the Startup Weekend in Seville and which is now competing worldwide in the Global Startup Battle.

It is a physical device that is connected to the mobile phone through the minijack input with an infrared device, allowing to measure and save the evolution, thus helping to have more data to offer in a consultation with a doctor. The application issues notifications and generates information related to the dose of the medicine, based on the temperature taken and the characteristics of the child.

The project is designed for Windows Phone, Android and iPhone and, as you can see in the video below, it allows you to measure the temperature and display graphics with its evolution.

You can contact them from their website to know the status of the application at the moment, as well as to show interest to be notified when the product is available for sale.