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Nubefone, app to call from mobile cheaper without consuming data


Cloudfone ( has been in Spain for a few weeks now as an application that we can use to call both landlines and mobiles from any destination from mobile phones at fairly cheap prices, competing directly with Skype or Viber. In this case it is not VoIP, it does not use data, they are normal voice calls, so there is no danger that the call will be cut, we will have the same quality as when we call with a traditional mobile phone operator.

Available for free on iOS and Android, they give away 5 euros of balance to try it without obligation. There is no minimum consumption, no monthly fees, no top-ups, offering prices that are sometimes up to four times cheaper than with Skype.

Calling Germany with Skype is 20.9 cts / minute compared to 5 cts / min for Nubefone. From a Movistar terminal, calling Germany would cost 18cts / min, plus the minimum setting of 30 cents. It will be 48 cents, compared to 15 cents from Nubefone (5cts / min + 10 cts establishment), triple per call.

After consuming the 5 euros gift after downloading, the user must enter their credit card and, from there, will be charged each time the consumption reaches 20 euros.

They are already preparing the version for Blackberry and Windows Phone, we will be attentive.