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Now you can ask Siri to read you the messages

Now you can ask Siri to read you the messages

Now you can ask Siri to read you the messages

The latest WhatsApp update for iOS has come with surprises: Siri, the assistant for the iPhone and iPad, is now able to read our WhatsApp messages.

If you have the latest WhatsApp update (2.17.20) and iOS 10.3 or higher on your iPhone Siri can now read your messages (when you ask, of course). Unexpectedly they have decided to expand the range of commands in Apple’s personal assistant We can finally control WhatsApp almost completely with only voice commands (ideal for when we are in the car and we have to be attentive behind the wheel)!

It was recently when WhatsApp decided to include some commands in Siri. Specifically, in September 2016 they decided to include a command to be able to send messages to our contacts. Simply by saying Send a WhatsApp message to (CONTACT) we had. Siri will answer us and we will tell you the message.


Therefore, we can already have enough control of WhatsApp from Siri. Specifically, for now we can: send a message to a contact; call a contact; read the last received messages without reading.

How to make Siri read our WhatsApp messages to us

We run the wizard and say it out loud Read the last WhatsApp received. Siri automatically begins to recite all those messages that we have not read. If we have never used it, we will first have to give it permission. Explain to us that you need control over WhatsApp messages and that it seems fine.


On the other hand, with this update there has also been the possibility of forwarding or deleting several states at the same time, as well as there have been small visual changes in the Calls and in the Group and contact information. The update, which weighs 128 MB, can already be obtained from the App Store.

Download the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS