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Notification Hub, an inbox to receive your notifications in one place


Considering the huge number of applications that we install on our mobile devices, it is common to feel overwhelmed by all the notifications we receive. If what you want is to put some order in your notifications smartphones We recommend Notification Hub, a complete Android application capable of gathering all notifications in one place.

Without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages of Notification Hub is that it is an intelligent manager, so It is able to prioritize the most important notifications over those that are not relevant. If we focus on some of the more striking additional features, the app allows us to clear notifications from selected applications. And not only that, since we also have a widget summarizing notifications.

In addition to the above, Notification Hub is responsible for recording all kinds of analytics of notifications, information that we can consult at any time thanks to the graphics of the application. Thus We will be able to know the number of notifications we receive each day and compare it with specific dates.

At this point we can not deny that this is a most interesting application, especially if we consider the stress that can cause mess in notifications. If it has caught your attention we recommend that you probis Notification Hub completely free of charge through the following link to Google Play.