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Notes HD for iPad, to make annotations by hand in PDF files


Not all users who have an iPad use it to make notes and take notes, but if you tend to take notes by hand on that device, it will not hurt to use Notes HD. Probably one of the most complete handwriting applications to date, Notes HD offers us the possibility of attaching notes in documents, drawing and composing drafts and sketches.

To start with, Notes HD gives us the possibility of opening PDF documents stored in Dropbox, Google Drive or loaded from Safari, as long as we allow the app to access these services and their content in the cloud. The files that we select in these will be copied and stored in Notes HD, and therefore, accessible in offline mode for future annotations anywhere without the need for a network connection.

The annotation tools will be simple: we will have a pen, a pencil, highlighters, brushes, erasers, a function to cut paste, color palettes and little else, enough to add not only simple annotations but simple drawings and erasers. Furthermore, we can access all of them and switch between tools using voice commands (although this feature will not be very useful if we find ourselves writing down information in a classroom or public chat).

You can download Notes HD for iPad at this link for $ 2.99, and you can also choose to download the free version at this link that includes pencils, rules, drawing tools and word processor, and micropayments to expand the functions to your liking.