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Noisli, online text editor with ambient sounds to focus on our work


We have already discussed many online options that allow us to use ambient sounds to relax or to help us focus on the task we are doing. We integrate one more proposal with Noisli.

The first thing we will see when addressing Noisli is a welcome message, but if we go down the page we will find 14 different sounds that we can use for our moments of meditation or when we need to get rid of distractions.

It has the classic sounds like rain, wind, thunder that we can combine to create the perfect scene that motivates us to focus on the objective that we have set ourselves. We will also find sounds that evoke nature, a clear night or the particular noise of a coffee maker.

In addition to all this sound kit, Noisli has a text editor that we can use as a way to simplify our work if it is related to writing and not have to resort to other applications or services. Although we have to take into account that it is still in beta, so it suggests that we take certain precautions when saving the content we generate.

A detail that we will notice when working from Noisli is that the background color changes as a plus to encourage our moment of productivity. As we see, it offers an interesting combination of features that can be useful while working on the web.