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NiftySplit divides the browser into two: a panel to navigate links and another to view its content


NiftySplit It is a curious and useful Chrome extension ideal for those of us who live with an excess of open tabs.

It is a plugin that offers a new option in the menu of the right mouse button, an option that is shown when we click on a link. With NiftySplit we can open the content of any link using the new function, opening a right panel with its content.

That is, after opening the NiftySplit panel, any link that we click on in our browser (which will remain on the left) will open in the right panel, so we can consult content without losing sight of the original text.

The advantages are many, we can read an article with several links on a blog, for example, and consult them without losing sight of the site, thus helping to determine whether or not we are interested in what is being indicated.

After trying it for a few hours, it gave me the feeling that I was transforming the web into an RSS reader, with links on the left panel and content on the right, a quite pleasant feeling when you have a large monitor, where over space, otherwise the extension will surely not last long.

Link: NiftySplit | Goes: lifehacker