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Nidmi, platform for the selection of domestic service personnel


We read va Loogic about a new platform born in Spain called Nidmi, founded by Montse Piquer and which, after only one year of operation, has managed to operate in 5 countries. The platform is focused on offering a reliable selection of personnel for domestic services, in which we can contact trusted people.

Given the growing need to hire people to help us with household chores given the workload of parents or people who spend too much time away from home, Nidmi arises just because of this need, and we It helps to find a professional of confidence and quickly in case we need assistants and employees of the home, services of care of elders and children, companions for the elderly or even pet care.

The platform will allow us access to a long database in which we will be able to read information and CVs of each candidate as well as references validated by the same team of the company. The assistant or caregiver will be able to advertise on Nidmi after their profile has been reviewed and validated, and, on the other hand, the user who is looking for a potential assistant can publish his offer so that the assistants can contact him, all safely and privately.

The service will charge different fees to families seeking the assistant via Nidmi, which will depend on the specific services being sought and the time it takes to find the ideal candidate.