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Nextt, private social network for event planning


Nextt is a new solution, officially launched yesterday, that was born with the idea that users can create our own private events to enjoy with our closest friends. In fact, its concept is far from the rest of social platforms, where in addition, the events that we are creating do not have the option to share them publicly on the other platforms. Each event that we create will be based on an initial idea that as we go along, we will shape it until we end up with a definitive plan.

The ideal would be that our contacts also use this application, being able to have them as contacts on this platform, although it also allows us to invite them to our events through email or by sms. Nextt allows us to import our contact lists from different sources, and also create different contact groups if we want, which will make it easier for us to have our contacts well managed.

Nextt is available via the web and via the mobile web, and in the United States and Canada also as a mobile app for iOS.

Its concept would be a mixture of the mobile social network Path with the functionalities of the Facebook events, although operating far from the rest of the social platforms, where in fact, access to Nextt is only through email. So if you don’t like open social networks, Nextt is a tool that allows you to privately plan your social events.

Link: Nextt