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News + – A fantastic feed reader for Android


With an excellent design, adapted for mobile phones and tablets, News +, an application that we presented to you in June as a project that was being developed by the creators of gReader, is now available on Google Play.

News + allows us to install extensions, independent applications that serve as a news source, not only RSS feeds, so that we can use it to consult Google News, NewsBlur, SubReader, Reedah, Pocket and many more that are already available on the system, being a open project that allows us to program more extensions for readers to use within the application.

The free version only allows the installation of a font, with functionalities that few other readers offer, as indicated on its main page ( Synchronization, voice reading of texts, offline mode, notifications, mode night reading, widgets … although without a doubt what is most striking is the possibility of expanding your universe of extensions with custom fonts.

A great project that shows how the death of Google Reader, after all, was excellent news for the feed world, since the quantity and quality of options available today is far superior to what we had a year ago.