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New Youtube Go, you can download videos and save data

New Youtube Go, you can download videos and save data

New Youtube Go, you can download videos and save data

You can now download Youtube Go, the new app with which you can save data and download videos.

Content creation on the web has made the leap to video, but there is only one slight problem; A video takes up much more megabytes than a text. That’s the big obstacle for pages like YouTube, or features like Facebook video streaming, to reach more people.

This is not a problem in areas with advanced connections such as fiber optics; But it is good to remember that in most of the planet the situation is very different. Even at the poorest resolutions, most connections do not allow seamless video playback.

Another controversial point is the video download. Let’s say Youtube has never been very given to allow the download of videos for many reasons; primarily to prevent theft of content and to please copyright owners. Although that does not mean that there are no unofficial tools to download videos, of course.

Youtube Go, because everyone deserves to watch videos

Now YouTube aims to offer a different way to enjoy your videos, dedicated to users with low quality connections; It’s called Youtube Go, and it’s the new app that has come to Google Play. With a size of just 10 MB, it is a good indication that we are facing a Light, direct app, and that does not beat around the bush. Once started (and associated with our Google account), we will realize that the interface is much simpler and cleaner than the normal YouTube app.

At the beginning we will see two tabs; the first is the YouTube recommendations, and the other is the saved videos. Before entering that one, we first have to find and open the videos that we are interested in saving, of course.

Youtube Go includes a normal and ordinary search function, without the possibility of configuring anything; in fact Youtube Go is characterized because we can’t do the vast majority of things what we can do in the main app. We can’t access our subscriptions, our playlists, or anything; just search and watch videos.

A Youtube Lite that can be used by everyone

It is a distilled Youtube, in which everything superfluous has been removed; Ironically, surely this is something that many users will prefer instead of the agglomeration of functions that we usually receive. Once we click on a video, we are given the possibility to choose the quality in which we want to see it; The amount of megabytes that each one occupies is specified, so as not to go over the limit of our connection.

Depending on what the video owner has decided, we can download it into the storage of our device or not; That is the great obstacle of Youtube Go, which plays against his own laws. If the owner has decided not to allow the video download, the option will be disabled.

And unfortunately, at the time of publishing this article there don’t seem to be any videos that allow the download; when there are, we can share videos with our contacts. It is now when I have to say that the app has actually reached the Play Store, but is not yet available; We can download the .apk and work for the most part, but probably the rest of the functions will only be activated when the final launch occurs in the Play Store.

Youtube Go can be an app essential if we are in areas with poor connections; but it can also have value even if we have the best connection; in fact, maybe it should be called Youtube Lite.

Download Youtube Go (.apk)

Youtube Go on Google Play Store