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New ways to search for content on Twitter


We read in the same Twitter blog about the update that we will see in the Twitter applications for iOS and Android that will mainly focus on offering us a new way to search for content within the social network.

This new feature will allow us to search across Twitter to find exactly the users, topics and tweets we are looking for. Now we will have the option to view all tweets as search results, being able to filter results by selecting the top tweets or all messages as the main result of the search performed.

Given the amount of multimedia content that is now published on Twitter, we will also be able to use a photo search filter to show us which tweets include the images we are looking for, in the form of a grid or list and filtering Also the results according to whether they have video or not. We can also deploy a new filter to see the tweets of only the people we follow, and the same to locate events and trends.

If you already have the application, it will be easy to update it and have this new feature. If instead you don’t play it and want to download the app with the whole pack, you can download it from these links to iTunes and GooglePlay.