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New versions of iOS, watchOS and macOS already available, comes the new Apple file system

New versions of iOS, watchOS and macOS already available, comes the new Apple file system

New versions of iOS, watchOS and macOS already available, comes the new Apple file system

Today has been a day of updates for Apple systems, with the release of iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and macOSD 10.12.4.

You already know what Apple is like: when it decides to present news, it launches them at once. In the case of updates to their operating systems, we are facing three new revisions that are not revolutionary; But I do know that they bring some news that will be especially useful for us.

iOS 10.3, with a new file system

For starters, iOS 10.3 has finally arrived, and the main improvement that we found has to do with the file system used in storage. Until now, the storage of iOS devices was formatted in HFS +, a veteran file system.

iOS 10.3 is the first version that includes support for APFS (APple File System), the new system that Apple will use from this year on all its systems; therefore, it will also reach macOS.

For the average user, APFS assumes a performance improvement, by the way in which files stored in the internal storage will now be copied and read. Not be revolutionary, but we should note it.

Furthermore, it may also seem to us that our storage has magically increased; actually, it’s because of the way the system now calculates the free space on the device.

Other new features in iOS 1.3 include the ability to find our AirPods using Find My Phone, and Siri compatibility with payment apps.

watchOS 3.2, with cinema mode

For their part, Apple Watch 1, 2 and the original have received version 3.2 of watchOS. It does not have as many new features as its older brother; but it includes at least some curious functionality.

This is the cinema mode, which is much simpler than it sounds; basically when we activate it the screen will turn off completely. The idea is that in this way we do not disturb in a movie theater with the light of our smartwatch.

macOS 10.12.4, with color temperature change

For its part, the mac comes a functionality that can help us calm our eyes on the days that we use the computer the most. Is named Night shift, and if you use iOS it may sound familiar.

Basically it is an app that change the color of the screen depending on the time; As evening and night get closer, the colors on the screen will be warmer.

The objective is to avoid blue light, something that theoretically improves our sleep. Although the usefulness of Night Shift, f.lux and other similar apps has been questioned, there are many users who consider them essential.

All these versions will arrive today through OTA and the usual methods to update