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New version of Netvibes specifically designed for iPad

It is increasingly common to interact with touch devices, allowing us to perform an increasing number of actions. In addition, we increasingly have different screen sizes, and of course, the use that can be made from a small screen is not the same as what can be done on a larger screen. This is where the ingenuity of developers comes in trying to unify the user experience for all touch devices.

And in this line they are in Netvibes, who have just launched a new version of their web application designed specifically for the iPad, which will allow users to fully interact with their own panels through the touch screens of their devices. In this way, they can customize the aesthetics of their panels and include the widgets and applications they want with just a few taps on the screen. For this, the application code has been improved in addition to aesthetically improving it, in order to unify the user experience.

So far you have been redirected to the mobile web app but with this release you go one step further to deliver a better experience with better features. Users only have to enter from their iPad and start using it.

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