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New SnapChat, with filters, replay and new information above the photos


The effects on snapchat photos were already taking .. although they are not as sophisticated as the instagram ones, now we can alter the colors of the images captured with the photos, as well as include text above them informing the time, the temperature (?) and the speed at which we are going (??).

In other words, it is possible to send a photograph of our pretty face to a friend with the information on the miles per hour we drive, as well as the temperature we are enjoying.

They have also added the ability to view an image a second time (replay), something that goes against SnapChat’s initial philosophy. We can send the image, and the recipient can see and enjoy it again later, once, regardless of what the image sender has configured on their device.

Other small changes have also been announced, such as a new font and the possibility of including 7 best friends.

While Twitter allows the sending of DMs with images and Instagram allows the private distribution of content, Snapchat plays with color filters and strange texts on top of the photos… to survive in 2014?