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New SmartImage, so that companies can manage their images


We already introduced you at the end of last August of the SmartImage platform (, which aims to help companies manage and share their own brand media, allowing the creation of both public and private collections, including in the same files of different types of formats, whether they be image files, documents, etc. Well, SmartImage makes its platform evolve, reaching its version 3.0, by including a series of novelties over the last few days as well as a series of improvements in the service itself, characteristics that have been reflected through its blog .

Among the new features is the possibility of creating groups of image galleries with which a series of images will be shown that can finally be integrated into websites, displaying them through an iframe. Groups have a number of configuration options. Also new is the customization options for the image galleries, in which you can choose how to display them and the outstanding actions so that they are available in each collection, including the possibility of activating or deactivating download and file sharing.

Dynamic resizing of images to host images for display on other websites while maintaining the same quality, updating the user interface, improving loading speed with the use of Amazon’s CloudFront CDN and robust digital linking are other news and improvements implemented throughout this week.

All the plans that SmartImage has are paid, with the first free version available as a trial for a period of 15 days.