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New Milky Way Project, with more data, more images and more objects to find in our galaxy


Zooniverse, the platform responsible for projects such as Galaxy Zoo (to classify celestial objects), Cyclone center (to classify cyclones of the last 30 years) or Plankton Portal (to research and learn about the plankton cycle), continues to surprise us with its projects and Now it launches a renewed Milky Way Project, in which we are encouraged to recognize and classify images taken across the length and breadth of our galaxy.

Recall that the previous Milky Way Project was launched about three years ago, and in it more than 50,000 users helped contribute to the classification of millions of unknown objects scattered throughout our galaxy. Now, the new project comes with many more images to classify (we are talking about thousands!), A renewed aesthetic, more data received from the Spitzer Space Telescope and different infrared photographs of parts of the galaxy that will help us understand certain related processes. with the formation of the stars.

In addition, Zooniverse also has good news for its part: the organization has been awarded one of six awards from Google Global Impact Awardees for 2013, which will translate into the construction of a much broader platform and with hundreds of new scientific projects in which users can contribute and volunteer.

So you know, for now if you want to have a good time classifying galaxies, stars, object clusters, meteorites, and what appears captured by the Spitzer in the vast space that surrounds us, you can start right here.