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New interface to manage “Account permissions” in Google


Now it will be easier to manage the permissions we have given to third-party sites and applications in our Google account. With a new interface and fewer clicks, we can access Account Permissions where we will have the complete list to check that everything is maintained according to our criteria.

Each of the applications in the list are clearly identified, and we can see additional information just by choosing it with the cursor. It will show us the permissions we have given, the Google services to which you have access, the role it performs, the type of information you use and the date of authorization.

And without having to go to another page, you will give us the option to revoke access to the site or application to our account. If we have not taken a look at this section for a long time, it is a good time to do it, since in a few minutes we can take an inventory and remove the permissions of those applications that we no longer use or are not of interest to us.

If we have doubts about the permissions we have granted, we can consult the Help of the Google team, which details the different types of access that applications request, and how it affects the information found in the different services of our account.

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