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New Google translator for Android facilitates conversations between people of different languages

Traductor de Google

It will be less and less problematic to be with people who speak different languages ​​to ours, for example, if we travel to a country that speaks a language that we do not speak. All we have to do is take out our Android device with the latest version of the Google translator, which has just been announced recently, and press the microphone icon so that it translates into our language the sentences that the rest of the people are saying in their respective languages.

In this way, our device will mediate for us in cases where we need to speak with other people with different languages, although not only that, but also, it also translates the texts available in different supports, where we only have to capture photographic and highlight the area where the texts are. This feature now supports Malay and Ukrainian language.

Continuing with the voice translations, the Google translator for Android also supports gestures, so a simple twist will allow us to alternate between the two desired languages. And with our device in hand we can also translate phrases in Hebrew, Greek, Javanese and Esperanto by writing them on the screen by hand, quickly obtaining the corresponding translations.

In this way, the Google translator for Android becomes a powerful tool that breaks the language barriers in the ways in which they are presented, be it by voice, printed on any medium, or written on the screen itself. that opens doors and new possibilities for interaction with anyone in the world.

The application, how could it be otherwise, is waiting for us to install it for free through Google Play.