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New Gmail Android with automatic response and support for any type of attachment


The Gmail application for Android has also been included in the updates that the Google team has taken into account for this holiday and holiday season.

Two new features are highlighted in this new update, one of which is related to the attached files, since now we will not be limited to just images and videos. As stated in the ad, we can send any type of file, from PDF to zip files.

On the one hand, the Automatic Answer option has been integrated, so we will no longer have to depend on the desktop version to schedule an email that alerts the contacts who write to us that we are on vacation or have disconnected for a few days.

To configure this option from Android, we only have to follow the same steps that we already know, determining a period of time and specifying if we want it to be sent only to our contacts. And for those users who have devices that run on Android 4.4, they will find that the Print option has also been integrated.

Several more than interesting and practical features that will not only simplify our interaction at this time of year, but also significantly improve our experience from our devices. If we still do not have Gmail from Android, we can install it from Google Play.