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New free online courses in Spanish

Universidad Jaume I

A few days ago we shared the list of free university courses that will start at the beginning of the year, with some proposals in Spanish. Now we expand the list with a new proposal from the Universitat Jaume I.

Women courage. Challenges in history is a course that analyzes through the example of different female figures the role of women through time, covering from Ancient Greece to the present day. It begins on January 13 and is organized in six modules where different multimedia content will be combined, and the support of public forums.

The Jaume I University also has other proposals for the following months, such as Simultaneous Interpretation English-Spanish: preparation exercises scheduled for February and EUROPE 2020: Urban regeneration with a start date of March 3.

Registration is open for any of the courses we have mentioned. So if we are interested in some of them, we only have to create an account on the platform and enroll in the corresponding course. We can see a description detailing the topics to be analyzed, in addition to other details that we will know when entering with our account.

The platform promises more courses soon, so we will be attentive to the new proposals of the Jaume I University.