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New free online course to successfully undertake on the Internet


Telefnica, the Rey Juan Carlos University and Acens are responsible for the course Cloud Startups (, an online course with limited places that, completely free, wants to help people who want to start on the Internet.

It can be done directly from the browser, downloading the contents of the site, accessing ten units that cover various topics, from leadership skills to resource management. The phases through which a project passes will be discussed, from the moment it is born as an idea until the business plan is developed, money is sought or the team is created.

The units include videos, pdf documents, tests and the possibility of requesting a diploma, as well as an interview in a video format in which an entrepreneur expert in the subject will share his experience on the subject.

Among the Ambassadors of the Course we have Sebastin Muriel (VP Corporate Affairs of Tuenti), Iaki Arrola (entrepreneur, founder of and business angel), Ral Jimnez (founder and CEO of and many more professionals who can help. really giving your opinion and showing your experience in completely different projects from each other.

We can participate from today, remembering that to get the diploma it is necessary to pass 10 tests for each of the lessons.

Here is the video presentation of the course: